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Chapter II "New Orleans, Louisiana"

The Conclusions Part I

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 Nearly one month. That’s how long this post has taken me to complete. Generally after I inherit the feelings and emotions that I trust are worth publishing I’d immediately get to work. Writing the blog and editing photos to tie in the story ASAP is often a must, although,  this story was different -very different. The reason why. I can’t get it … Continue reading

Chapter II "New Orleans, Louisiana"

The Brochure… Part II (Read previous post if not read yet)

Tuesday January 24th, 2012 “You truly don’t realize what you have… ’til it’s gone.” -Unknown I remember thinking, “God, if this is it for me…than let it be done! But if it isn’t, than please, PLEASE help me find a way out of this. No matter what that outcome is, I can say that I’m more than happy to have begun an extraordinary journey. Crossings that I’m … Continue reading